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Solar Panels for Home
If you are a homeowner who is about to put a solar panel system on your home or you are a newbie to the solar market, get started here! A non-technical forum to help you understand the in's and out's of solar.
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4,713 64,208
Hybrid solar is grid tied PV with battery storage and is becoming more popular all the time.
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167 2,382
Ask your questions about solar modules, mounts, inverters or any other part of your solar energy system. If you want to share the specs for your system, then you can post them here.
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1,933 20,332
For people who have experience with solar panels and/or work in the industry. Discuss installation questions here.
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Last Post: Circulation Pump?
1,465 14,338
Circulation Pump?
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30 330
Oversupply of modules, solar manufacturers going out of business, a new entrant into the micro inverter market--discuss the latest solar news and industry trends here. Comment on latest solar news stories!
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316 3,848
Product innovations, new products, the latest invention that will change the solar industry are discussed in this forum.
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213 3,321
Specs of a small solar panel
by Sunking
You want to talk about solar leasing vs. buying a solar energy system or how to finance your system. Talk about rebates, credits, PACE, FIT, SRECs, property tax credits. Post your question here, but remember that incentives are constantly changing!
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326 4,211
The general discussion section is where you can discuss the pro's and cons of solar or any other subject you wan to talk about, remembering it is a solar forum.
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1,970 20,022
Off grid solar
This section is for those wanting to run small 12V systems for RV's or camping or boats, hobbies or whatever else you can think of.
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440 5,538
RV system design questions?
Discuss remote solar applications for homes, cabins, RV and boats. If you have a question on equipment for an off grid system, such as charge controllers or inverters, then post your question in this forum.
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2,744 32,688
New Setup... lot of questions
by lrseda
If you want to discuss the set-up for your solar water pump system, post your question or comment here. Tell us about flow rate, pressure and lift of your system.
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Last Post: DC Pump Back EMF
195 1,812
DC Pump Back EMF
Discuss solar fridges, freezers, solar ovens, portable modules and other solar products you may use for emergency situations, camping or abroad.
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189 2,700
You have a battery or energy storage question, post your comment here. Talk about the various batteries, from lead acid, to lithium ion, to Ni.
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1,379 11,605
General batteries (366/3,840)
Lead Acid (298/3,202)
Lithium-ion (105/3,608)
Ni (50/955)
Solar Panel Talk Information
We will use this section to make announcements about our solar forum and provide our members with updates.
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Last Post: All New Members
69 762
All New Members
Just registered with Solar Panel Talk? Make your first post here by introducing yourself!Then post your question or comment in one of the categories below.
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4,490 22,207
I'm a newbie here....
Solar thermal
Discussion on creating heat and hot water with solar for residential and commercial use.
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463 4,823
One of the largest markets for the solar industry is heating your pool with solar energy. Great for your energy bills and great for the environment. Talk about solar pool heating in this forum.
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112 1,114
Direct air heat, window boxes, passive solar are discussed here.
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68 721
Solar power lighting
Solar lights for yards, gardens, pathways, patios, anywhere you need light. If you have a question about LEDs or lumens, placement of the solar lights or anything else on your mind about solar powered lighting, this is the place to post your question.
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159 1,644
Solar powered ac 5watt ledbulbs
by fivewin
If you are interested in security lighting or lighting a parking lot for your school, or lighting a roadway, then share your comments and questions in this forum.
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35 262
DIY solar panels
Do you really want to build your own solar panels? Discuss, share ideas, and get questions answered in this DIY solar panel forum.
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633 6,313
Exchange ideas and get feedback on what tools and materials are needed for building and using DIY solar panels.
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129 1,245
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joule thief and energy use
by Guest
Discuss and ask questions about the assembly and/or connection of your solar panels
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329 2,936
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17 163
Solar Companies
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1 5
brain dead
Canadian Solar Panels
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Last Post: First Solar
1 29
First Solar
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9 210
Honest Question about SolarCity
by J.P.M.
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Last Post: Verengo Solar
1 1
solar pete
Verengo Solar
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4 28
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Last Post: Good experiance
3 9
Good experiance
by tyab
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1 3