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Two or more chargecontroller 1 PV

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    Originally posted by fivewin View Post
    Lets talk about dc lighting vs ac in an offgrid situation.
    OK lets do that and we will see how slow you really are.

    Originally posted by fivewin View Post
    Using standard ac wire for lamps 1.5mm2, 11 mOhm/m, a 12V 10watt led for example draws 0.83A DC which amounts to 76 mW per 10m of cable.
    With 12V current you have more cable losses comparing to ac (2mW) but still TORABLE, especially in small houses.
    When I get through with you you,your miss spelled word is HORRIBLE.

    To compare Apples to Apples 1.5 mm2 wire is 16 AWG. The maximum safe current you can put on 16 AWG is 10 amps.

    At 12 volts, the maximum amount of 10 watt lights you can install on a single circuit is 11 lights or 110 watts. But there is a catch and a big one. All those lights have to be no greater than 2 feet from the source (aka battery).

    OTOH same exact wire at 120 volts, the maximum amount of 10 watt lights you can install on a single circuit is 100 lights or 1200 watts, that can be up to 50 feet away from the source, and is more efficient.

    Care to guess what size wire it would take to just put up 10 of your LED's on a single circuit 50 feet from the battery operating at 12 volts? I am not going to tell you because you are a genius and can figure it out yourself without thinking about it.

    You are slow and thick. If this were a two year class, the amount of time you have been here, you would have failed class in the first week and booted from school.
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      Originally posted by J.P.M. View Post

      Then why continue ? Doing the same things over and over with no result while expecting a different or improved response is one form of madness.
      You are right JPM. I will ask the MODS to close the thread as this guy cannot be reached or helped, thus pointless to continue.
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