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    Originally posted by solar pete View Post
    We are advising the bulk of our clients to wait a bit as the prices for batterys should come down in the next couple of years, but even then some people want to be early adopters so we can get LG Chem batteries for those guys.
    I think you mean Tesla. LG Chem is legit and will be around as will Panasonic who actually made the first Tesla batteries. Tesla batteries today is a variant of Panasonic under license from Panasonic. From testing and reading the LG Chem batteries are a better product from a company that will be around if a war in Korea does not occur. I have sold all my LG Stock.

    Originally posted by solar pete View Post
    Hey Merry Christmas Solar Panel Talkers, thanks to everyone who puts their 2 cents in around the place it is very much appreciated, thank you. Have fun and stay safe through the festive season, CHEERS
    Back at you and your country is in my prayers. Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year.

    MSEE, PE