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    Originally posted by Ampster View Post

    In my mind I could do a lot of therapy for anxiety if they were to pay me. Bring it on.
    That may be because you don't have as much experience in dealing with them (SolarCity/Tesla) as I do with respect to the residential PV end of their business which you've described as being limited to renegotiating a PPA for a relative and some anecdotal stuff about tenants.

    Look Ampster, I'm not trying to pick a fight with you here, but my overall experience with SolarCity/Tesla in their residential PV business including a lot of particulars as I've described them on this forum over the years has made me form the opinion that they are about the most unprofessional and poorly informed solar outfit I've dealt with.

    That opinion has nothing to do with any opinions I may have about their vehicles or Elon Musk. Neither of those subjects has anything to do with this conversation.

    I'm being honest and sincere when I write that if I was looking for a PV system, I wouldn't let them on my property. Same goes for them paying me. IMO only, they're bottom feeders.

    Take what you want of the above. Scrap the rest.
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      No worries @J.P.M.

      I enjoy diversity of viewpoints. No need to beat a dead horse, we already know your opinion about Tesla and it can probably be summed up in three words.

      As far as getting paid to put solar on my roof i would take the money. I have sufficient skills installing and overseeing solar installs that I would not turn down the hypothetical that you suggested. It is not likely that that kind of offer will come my way, although I know a guy from Vermont that let them install a Powerwall for free. It is part of an aggregate program sponsored by a utility in Vermont.

      I agree that solar installations are the weakest part of Tesla's business. That should make you feel better.
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        Tesla idea of getting rid of sales and marketing was a very good one. Customer acquisition costs for most larger solar companies are in the 50 cents a watt range. The wholesale cost of solar panels is now 16 cents a watt and with higher efficiency panels, balance of systems costs is coming down. Battery continue to improve and come down in price. The world is headed for solar power boom.