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New Se 7600H inverter Drops out 1 to 5 times a day

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    Originally posted by nwdiver View Post
    A friend has a 10kW SMA inverter with similar issues. Drops out ~2-5 times per day but it's almost always in the mornings and rarely on the weekends. Due to how the drops cluster in terms of timing I'm ~95% confident it's a grid issue. Is there any pattern to when yours trips?

    I agree that's a little high but anything <264 is still 'in spec' and shouldn't cause problems.

    Not that we can put are fingers on other than it does this above 6,000 watts. After all this time pushing the installer and solaredge thy are replacing the inverter. I will give a update when this happens.


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      Well, good luck replacing the inverter. I wish you the best, but am not convinced it will help. If you're AC voltage is spiking up to 260V that's really high -- 130V per leg. Are your drop outs still happening randomly? Have you been able to be home when this occurs? Any info on the Inverter or SetApp?

      If you run your AC full tilt during this time (consuming a lot of amps and depressing your local line voltage), does the problem still occur?

      I'd circle back with Solar Edge directly. They should be able to tweak the inverter's settings to be less sensitive to grid transients.

      But if not, I still stand by my suggestion that your PoCo needs to send a lineman to change the taps on your street's step down transformer. Of course distribution step down transformers are not always configured with voltage adjustment taps. This is an added cost option. I'd expect the PoCo would be unwilling to change their HV side.

      You could also potentially move from a load side breaker to a line side tap if your AHJ would allow. This would help reduce the resistance to the flow of current from your inverter out to the street.


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        It's the inverter that is causing the voltage spike


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          Originally posted by cdtruckn View Post
          It's the inverter that is causing the voltage spike
          The only way the inverter could cause a voltage spike would be by increasing its power output to many times its rated output. With input power coming only from a PV array there is no way it can do that.
          Current from the inverter will develop a voltage across the resistance of the interconnecting wires and the effective resistance of the POCO transformer windings. Look at the service voltage with zero load and zero production. Then connect a resistive load equal to the inverter output. The voltage will drop by some amount, hopefully less than 5%. That same voltage difference only added instead of subtracted will be the maximum voltage that the inverter can produce at full power.
          If the utility voltage is high enough that that will be above the inverter limit, you or POCO need to change something.
          POCO voltage regulating equipment and switched power factor correction capacitors can create spike from the POCO side.
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