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    Originally posted by Ampster View Post
    So you might not know if you got the rebate until after January.


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      Perhaps someone can clear some confusion for me please. My SE11400H-US inverter came with a ZigBee Gateway and card + antennas for the invert. The ZigBee Gateway has an Ethernet jack. The inverter also has the SolarEdge Modbus Consumption Meter. I recall reading at some point that folks said Ethernet connectivity provided more frequent consumption updates that cellular. However, I am unclear what the ZigBee setup would provide? Would I get the most frequent updates with this setup? To be clear, this is an inverter without a display that requires the SetApp app to configure it.

      If the ZigBee Gateway doesn't provide the best numbers, should I just let them install it and then wire Ethernet directly? That way if I ever add another inverter, I have the pieces to make that a slave to this one, or if things change, I could switch to using wifi if I wanted to? My understanding is that the inverter has built-in ethernet. but I haven't opened it up yet to see for myself.


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        So my install is essentially complete, save for a visit next week to figure out problems with my consumption meter.

        When looking at the setup, the installer opted for 3 strings (10, 9, and 9 panels) vs. 2. Is there any particular preference of one vs. the other? Would two strings let power generation start sooner/last longer in the morning and evening edge cases?

        The last payment installment hasn’t been made yet, so I can push for tweaks if necessary.