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SolarEdge Power Optimizers going offline

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  • SolarEdge Power Optimizers going offline

    I have a newly installed system that is having problems getting online consistently. The installer's electrical crew will be coming back this Friday to check on things, but I'm curious to understand what we are seeing and might be the problem.

    The past three days (the only three days its been energized), energy production would start and seem to have the expected output for 2-3 hours. Then suddenly the system would be offline. I'd leave it alone for the day while the installer and SolarEdge remotely try things out (I'm being told the firmware is being updated). However, the next day it doesn't start producing until I use SetApp to redrive the pairing process. All optimizers are found and production hums along for 2-3 more hours and then goes day. The same pattern occurred the third day.

    Each time, when I check the status via SetApp, it says only 2 of 28 optimizers are communicating. I don't know why 26 of them stop communicating each day.

    Additionally, I'm being told SolarEdge is having some system issues right now, but we wonder if something is wrong with the consumption meter setup. I only get consumption numbers while the system is generating. When there is no production, I have zero consumption. The consumption that it does record is far higher than my average and my POCO's next day report of hourly usage does not show anywhere near that much usage. On top of that, even at 3 am, it shows "export" of 2-7 kW. From monitoring that, it feels like it is recording input as export, as the numbers (with some delay) seem to rise and fall noticeably as my 240v appliances cycle. From reading on the forum, this may be the result of one or both of the CTs being put on backwards?

    Installation Details:
    1 x SE11400H-US000BNI4 ("built-in" RGM and consumption meter)
    28 x Solaria PowerXT-360-PD panels
    28 x P370 power optimizers
    Line-side tap (even though my panel could support backfeed)
    Connected via Zigbee

    CPU = 4.10.25
    DSP1 = 1.0.1036
    DSP2 = 2.0.910
    Meter = 0.72.0
    WSA = 1.6.9


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    To circle around on this, my issues have been resolved. For some reason, the built-in production meter was configured as a 200-amp CT instead of a 50-amp CT. This far exaggerated the production numbers.

    Additionally, the consumption meter CT in the panel were labeled incorrectly. So even though the label was correctly pointing towards the power grid, it was effectively backwards. The installers reversed the CTs and immediately the inverter started reporting things correctly.

    Per the installer, the reason things looked so off is because the logic of the production meter assumed there was more than one inverter, since the “logical layout” did show the proper production for the one inverter’s self-reporting while the production meter was roughly 4x that. Then the consumption meter being backwards compounded the issue as the production meter numbers was used part of the calculation, making it appear I was consuming 100+ kWh daily because my net export was being reported as consumption over my inflated production number.

    They have a support ticket out to SolarEdge to wipe out the numbers prior to Thursday (they came out Wednesday evening to correct things since they were in the area). If not, I’ve taken screenshots of 400 kWh over-reported production in case their production guarantee is needed next year.

    Meanwhile, all of the above problems when combined to the fact that I was still temporarily on Zero Export is why the power optimizers kept going offline. Supposedly (per the installer), the system kept telling the optimizers to not produce and they would get stuck since they would wake up and not be told to produce.

    Hopefully the resolution details will help any others searching for answers.
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