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Building Reserve and Using KWH

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    Originally posted by bcroe View Post
    My solar system is proclaiming the spring equinox. The inverters were up for almost exactly
    12 hours. And also, production (130 KWH) exceeded consumption for the first time in 2019.
    Hope I can average that balance in April after my net metering reserve is reset to zero. Today
    there is still plenty left over from last year. Bruce Roe
    +1. Great job Bruce.


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      We passed the reset date, once again without buying any KWH for the year. I did burn
      down some surplus with the car shop resistance heater, mostly left its propane heater
      off. I would really like to find time to put a somewhat larger mini split there, -25F rating
      to keep things more comfortable year round. The house could use another for the worst
      of winter (set a new low record this year). The bi directional disc KWH meter is doing
      well in indicating day by day surplus down to the reset.

      For the first years I noted one inverter always produced one or two more KWH a day than
      the other. Observation showed that is was because of the shadows at day extremes from
      a pair of trees. Those trees were trimmed in 2014, but had regrown worse (from a PV
      perspective) than ever. With prospects getting worse, they finally got the axe about a
      year ago. Since then the OTHER inverter has been out producing a KWH or 2, which
      means the system is producing several more KWH a day.

      There is the possibility of saving nearly 1000 KWH a year losses by replacing the rest of
      the 4 gauge wire out to the inverter building, with 1/0. I now have a trencher to ease
      getting this done, but it is not getting much priority. More likely is to start upgrading the
      early panel mounts to the same standards of the latest, but that will take quite a while.
      If the HVAC plant reaches its final operational status this year, I might start in on the
      optional upgrade stuff.

      The PoCo now asks me to pay them $25 a shot to take my old WORKING appliances.
      Of course I can just break them down to the scrap metal and get paid for it, like previous
      decades. Bruce Roe