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LG vs Panasonic vs Mission Solar vs Trina

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    Originally posted by mjlef View Post

    1/3 the cost? What string inverters are you using? Sounds like a great deal. I see them being 33% to 50% less expensive than the cost of microinverters, and given most string inverters last about 10 years, I would expect the lifetime cost of microinverters to typically be less.

    Capacitors are a weak point in many electronics. Enphase has studied them a lot (paper here:
    In this thread I was talking about the operating cost of a heat pump water heater versus a resistive element. I was supporting your statement and offering a counter argument to @Mike90250 who lives off grid and has different cost factors than someone on the grid. His argument makes sense for someone in his situation, but not necessarily for someone in a temperate environment in an all electric home.

    I think the discussion about string inverters vs microinverters is in another thread. I don't have a strong opinion one way or the other about string inverters vs microinverters. I have a combination of both in my current residence, plus my main system is a SolarEdge with Optimizers.
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