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"Re-deployed" solar panels (Tesla) and Tesla tiles

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    Originally posted by DiddlyD View Post
    For that person that thinks you can't be on a string inverter and also have optimizers etc. please read this: Like micro-inverters, power optimizers are located at each panel, usually integrated into the panels themselves. However, instead of converting the DC electricity to AC electricity at the panel site, they condition the DC electricity and send it to a string inverter. Their also suppose to help solar panels when the temps get hotter boost performance and that's important in AZ.........
    I am also looking into using optimizers on a string inverter but will post a separate topic..


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      I preferred a different approach. I shopped around to find the best manufacturer of solar panels with a strong brand backround like Panasonic I felt would be a sound investment and researched the panel type then found out who the manufacturer certifies to install it locally. I have a 25 year warrantee on my panels and 25 on the inverter. Good panels will give you not only better performance but longevity. Ratings on their top panel is parallel to Sun Powers top panel. I was also afraid these other solar companies can belly up and your out in the cold much like what happened to Sun Run and no telling where they get their panels from and or performance ratings, warrantees, etc. Not sure of Tesla's future either.

      The certified installers did an excellent job and the whole process went great. I did tell them where "I" wanted the panels placed based on need for afternoon facing sun to generate as much power to support being off grid to eliminate the demand rate surcharge I'm on. Each person will have different requirements. There's a house by me just like mine with roof facing with panels on the south side which you might think is ideal but they have a two story home south of them shading their roof/panels during the day and I'm sure that can't give them the best performance. The guy that came out to my house to figure out my design wanted to do the same thing to me and put 8 panels on my east/south side but I also have a two story on that side so I told him I wanted them all on my west facing roof where I absolutely no obstructions from the sun which my utility co says actually produces more electricity since we have long afternoon sunny summer days in AZ. He gave me the usual song and dance that he's been doing this for years but I told him that's where I wanted them (all 26) which was more panels than I calculated I needed based on my bills and home size but I figured the extra panels, if approved by my utility co, would provide added insurance and for selling purposes it's better to go bigger than my usage demands anyway.

      Take your time and learn all that you can about the process pros and cons before making the leap and you will make better decisions and have better results. I looked at other roofs and saw conduit laying across the roofing and it looked tacky. I made sure I could run my lines down into my attic area out the side to the inverter very clean look. I also had the inverter installed in my backyard behind a fence for protection. Google the hell out of everything and go to school. One last recommendation I can offer is I found buying (finance it) is a better way to go as you get the Federal tax credit which is substantial which you can put towards the purchase and then pay it off like a car payment in a few years. Shoot my first bill from my electric co was just 25.00 and not even a whole month of solar yet where it was paying 185.00 month before (annual average payment option); now I can use that money to payoff the solar system in a few years (don't drag it out for 20 years on a purchase, it's as bad as leasing you don't really see much if any savings).


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        Not that my local utility enforces it, but many utilities require only new equipment to be used in their interconnect agreements for grid-tied solar installs...
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