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Sun Edison Bankruptcy and Warranty

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  • Sun Edison Bankruptcy and Warranty

    I have a solar rooftop system from Sun Edison that was installed in November 2015. I was nervous because I didn't know if anyone would assume the warranty after the bankruptcy, and my calls to Sun Edison went unanswered. I was happy to get a letter this week from a company called Flex (Formerly Flextronics) that indicated that my home solar system warranty was being assumed by Flex as part of a sale of Sun Edison assets. The number given in the letter for warranty information is 1-855-905-3539. The body of the letter is attached. SunEdison.jpg
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    That's good news, hopefully they don't try to sneakily "provide coverage" under " their terms" which may have been different than the original.


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      Would you please repost the letter if it is still valid? Our water heater is failing, and I am searching for recourse since we only have a few weeks left on our warranty. Unfortunately our builder is not honoring the warranty from Sun Edison. I would appreciate any other information you can share. Thank you