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    My friend Worked for an organization that made electric space radiators around 35 years prior. As others have stated, 1500 watts is 1500 watts and that is the most warmth you will escape one that is connected to an ordinary 110 volt, 15 amp circuit. The more costly ones may have better temperature control and may last more, yet more cash isn't a certification of anything. Before going on any decision you should read some review blogs.


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      Only one way to get more BTU out of watts - a heat pump.

      But there are varied ways to heat.
      Blowing warm air ( fan & resistance wires)
      IR heat dish ( parabolic reflector & glow coil - focused on a specific area )
      simple convection (oil filled electric radiator and such)
      The Emperors Heater ( pay big bucks, and only good because of the LED flicker flame look)

      And then the non electric propane/natural gas options
      portable ceramic grid IR
      blue flame
      forced air blue flame
      All of which put out much more heat than a plug in electric heater. Indoors, propane produces a lot of water as a combustion by product, and un vented ones will consume O2 and release CO2 A properly burning flame does not produce carbon monoxide - just like your gas range and oven don't kill you either.

      Solar heating, well, you have to have solar, and some massive storage for it.
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