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How much do solar panels cost

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    In my opinion that matter isn't entirely settled. But I see it as the peak AC power the system can deliver under
    best conditions, whatever the limiting factors may be. This doesn't say anything about energy over time. The
    simple case is PV panels with a peak rating equal to the AC inverter under a cloudless sky. Reality may be
    much different. Most venders, of many products, are not inclined to give out more than the minimum technical
    details, which they would then need to explain and justify. Bruce Roe


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      Originally posted by JRqwertyui View Post
      Here's my dumb question for the year. When doing the price comparison computing the $ /per Watt and posting on this board, are people using the DC or AC rating of the system ? or the annual output ? One gets a very different number depending on which is used.... often vendors will give you only the DC rating...
      The best way to compare a system $/watt is using the installed price divided by the DC wattage. You can then determine the final cost per watt after you subtract any rebates or Fed tax incentives.

      Knowing what your system is supposed to provide in a yearly AC kWh is also a good marker but that number can vary based on the weather and dirt conditions so don't let a vendor convince you that their calculated yearly kWh value is 100% accurate.