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Moving into a house that has a Kingspan solar thermal system

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  • Moving into a house that has a Kingspan solar thermal system

    I’m moving into a house next month that has a Kingspan solar thermal system. The control unit says SC400 if that helps. I’m not sure how the system works, but I know it isn’t currently functional and it requires a service. Apparently, the control unit says it has a gas lock.

    I contacted Kingspan to ask how I can get it serviced and if this fault would be resolved as part of the service but they never responded to me. I’ll just have to try phoning them once I’ve moved in, but was wondering if anyone here might have some helpful info.

    There’s a hot water tank upstairs and as far as I’m aware, the boiler keeps this topped up with hot and water which supplies the taps/shower, but the central heating draws hot water directly from the boiler. When it’s sunny enough, the panels kick in and they also feed into the hot water tank. Does that sound right?

    Is this actually a decent system that will usually save money? Just want to make sure it’s worth getting it all up and running. Do I need to have much input or does it function independently? Do Kingspan have to be the ones who service it and is this generally straightforward? Any advice would be appreciated.

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    Without knowing too much about the condition of the system or its age, it's near impossible to know whether or not the system is potentially or actually functional. I will suggest that most water heating systems of decent quality and system integrity can last many years.

    I'd wager the cost of a service call to determine system condition and go from there.

    Just know that solar water heating systems usually require more maintenance than a PV system, partly because they are often more complicated.


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      Thanks for the advice. I'll wait till I move in so I can post more info with pictures and take it from there