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Earth4Energy, Citizenre, and other Misleading Solar Energy Scam Info

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  • Originally posted by Sunking View Post
    Never meant to imply you were stupid. I am trying to get your attention. Sometimes truth hurts when you don't get the answers you wanted.

    Facts are the numbers are against you. I will leave you with this question and a final comment:

    Your car needs gas. You see two gas stations side by side. One sells gas for $3/gal and the other sells it for $30/gal. Which one do you buy?

    That is what you are faced with friend, it is really that simple for you. Once you realize I am telling you straight up, you may just thank me for saving you a lot of money.
    I like that statement. I happen to sell Solar.(not to you however) And make no bones about it . However I also have scruples. Sometimes Solar does not make sense. It is an expensive investment with a long return on your investment depending where you are. In your case with no SRECS net metering etc PV does not make sense. However conservation is always the first step. Turn the thermostat up during cooling season and down during heating season. Wash clothes in cold water. Don't pre wash dishes before they go into the dishwasher.. Turn lights off and any other unnecessary power drains. If you have a large family and do a lot of laundry buy a front loading washer with the highest spin speed you can find. Don't run the dryer hang clothes out to dry.
    These are simple steps that do not cost a lot and will reap huge rewards.
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    [URL][/URL] (Voltage drop Calculator among others)



    • Originally posted by Naptown View Post
      ...Don't pre wash dishes before they go into the dishwasher....
      I just scrape the lumps off, and run a pre rinse to heat things up - gas hot water is cheaper than the internal electric coil.
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      • Originally posted by BriteLeaf View Post
        My mother always told me before she died that you'll catch more flies with honey than you ever will with vinegar.
        You could get even more with crap. I'm just joking but I love that response to that statement. I think its good to try new things and I wish you the best of luck.
        I can't read instructions because I am spammer ?

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        • Yah but the it's the other way around ...

          Originally posted by BriteLeaf View Post
          My mother always told me before she died that you'll catch more flies with honey than you ever will with vinegar.
          You can actually catch more flies with vinegar than honey.


          • Hi Jason

            Thanks for the considerate reply, I appreciate what you say and taking the trouble write it. I fully support your aims. Having actively participated in the FX and Affiliate market place, I am still amazed at the scams and outright dishonesty of many participants.

            I hope to remain an active member of this forum and as requested I won't include my website link on future posts.

            I know this can sound glib, but Integrity and Honesty really do matter to me. I am trying to build a website which is honest, objective, interesting and informative about solar and other forms of renewable energy. At the same time I need affiliate links in order to earn a living.

            I do not disagree with your criticisms of E4E etc. That is why I have recently changed my website to point out the falsehood of their claims and actually tell my readers not to buy these guides / kits unless they just want to construct a couple of solar panels as an interesting project. I also point out that they can buy solar panels for almost the same cost as DIY. I am trusting that this honest approach will not be commercial suicide!

            I will continue adding more articles on renewable energy. I very much hope that in time my site will be one that you include on your list of useful solar energy resource sites. It is certainly my intention to make it one of the best sources of renewable energy information on the Internet.

            In the meantime, I would value any comments / constructive criticism of the site. If there are areas where you believe I have compromised my tagline, please let me know. Just use the "Contact us" button on the top right of the landing page.

            Kindest regards
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            • Originally posted by russ View Post
              I would love to sell a 5 kW system for 70,000$ - >I would even give a discount to 69,000

              Should be something like 5$ per DC watt - installed unless there are special circumstances.

              That would cover maybe 20% of your electric bill.

              A 5kw system for what??? I hope that was a typo. Typical 5k around here goes for $16-20k and that is before any incentives/tax credits have been subtracted.


              • why would you want to buy the garbage they may or may not send you about DYI solar ?
                Here are some extracts from their customers that sent thenm money.

                Can anyone actually download what we have paid for? I am not getting any response to my requests for assistance, but the money has been taken

                I have purchased a Stirling Engine plan and have not been able to finish the project due to lack of finish in the plans. Said it could be made really easy. My husband is making the items and a "weekend warroir could not make these items.. But the fact remain we are not getting help/support. If we can't get help we want our money back or we go to the BBB

                BE CAREFUL



                  Just paid for an excellent lesson on buying anything online. Was expensive but I will never do that again. Oh yeah I couldn't open any of the files and nothing would play on any of my devices...Guess I just got scammed...


                  • Now there's Power4Patriots which sounds like its slanted towards the average Glenn Beck listener who had just been kicked in the head by a mule. Blatant and obvious, but it sounds SO EASY TO DO! It even sounds like its narrated by Dave Ramsey.


                    ( sorry guys, I had to break the link, so it does not show as being endorsed by this site. Mod)
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                    • That fellow sure does seem short of a full deck - by about 50 cards - 100% scam wrapped up in red, white and blue.

                      To call himself a patriot rather than a scamster is a real joke.


                      • What's amazing to me is that people actualy fall for this stuff. How can anyone be that stupid. Well if people are willing to pay for basic info they can get on the internet for free.... Maybe I should right a book.


                        • Originally posted by daveb View Post
                          What's amazing to me is that people actualy fall for this stuff. How can anyone be that stupid.
                          One really bad sign right at the start is the little watch showing 5 minutes when referring to "this short video". At the 8 minute mark, there was still not a single hint of what his technology actually was. But very entertaining. The idea of "underground solar power" was an unintentional joke. His stuff will work about as well underground as in the sunlight!

                          Of his three schemes (solar photovoltaic, wind power, and solar hot water heating), the only one where unexperienced DIY is feasible and can have a relatively quick return was number three on his priority list.

                          " A bright winter day can generate just as much power as a hot summer one." True, but not as much energy (power x time)!

                          And finally, after 30 minutes, I get the long-promised Add to Cart button.

                          Nice to know (if I believe him) that if I spend my $27 and then spend hundreds more dollars and untold hours of my time implementing the system and it does not work, I will get $81 back, not just my $27 back. I feel so reassured!
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