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    As I see it there is a certain amount of sun energy hitting your roof, and you can collect it with a large
    number of nearly flat panels, or a smaller number of panels tilted up to a better angle with proper
    shade avoiding spacing. Like a fresnel lens. There are trade offs. Tilt causes engineering costs and
    issues, and the spacing will not always be close to optimal. Panel cleaning and snow clearing.

    If your panels are near flat, the peak power will be reduced by the cosine of the best sun angle
    to perpendicular, and you can calculate the most inverter required to cover it. It will be a lot less
    than the total of the panel test rating. There is also the issue of your AC power connection, you
    are approaching the limit of what is considered economical and good practice. The limitations of
    the AC side of my system (2 inverters) has caused most of my issues.

    If your roof has enough space for 7.6KW inverter clipping, orienting panels somewhat east and
    west can spread the 2 power peaks out to eliminate clipping.

    If you can get to ground mount, its a new ball game. Bruce Roe
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