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PG&E E-6 TOU, NEM 1 and NEM 2

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  • PG&E E-6 TOU, NEM 1 and NEM 2

    So I'm trying to figure out how exactly to value a particular kWh produced/consumed for me which just grandfathered into E-6 (closing end of month) and NEM 1 (closing by October).

    Here's a good page on figuring out what energy is worth with this complicated setup they give us

    First my question then a summary of how I believe it works. When you 'sell' (get credit) for exporting kWh, those are at the non tiered current customer price, correct? So if I am exporting 1kWh at a time where buying a kWh is 20 cents, then I'm getting a 20 cents credit, and that exporting is always at baseline price (not tiered)? But I buy at my tiered rate.

    Otherwise here's the short version of my understanding
    • You buy at your tiered rate, but if you have a well-sized system your tier is always baseline
    • You always sell at your baseline rate (I believe)
    • However E-6 TOU is best because you sell at highest rate during day and buy at lowest rate at night (>2X)
    • PG&E holds on to about $10 every month from you until True Up
    • However if you’re running a deficit, as you usually are when system is sized to 80%, you owe more than that anyhow
    • Getting to roll over credit really pays off, you generate excess in the summer and use that in the winter
    My rates at the moment decoded and attached

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    Now that NEM1 cap has been reached in California, the same question can be asked about TOU rates under NEM2.
    What rate will PG&E credit for solar production during the day for summer and winter?

    It would be really helpful for all who'll be considering going Solar from this point forward. Does California NEM2 make it so much less attractive to discourage new installations? How is this going to impact cost/DC watt installed?
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