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What do you guys recommend for a small MPPT charge controller?

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  • What do you guys recommend for a small MPPT charge controller?

    I'm looking for a backup charge controller. I have SolarWorld SW270 watt panels (~38v @8amps) and I'm looking for a small 20 or 30 amp MPPT charge controller. I don't need anything fancy, just something that can charge a 12 volt (or maybe up to 48 volt) battery bank.

    I see a lot of the cheaper Chinese controllers but am always wary about them. Any suggestions? Any opinions on the Renogy products? I already have my primary outback equipment, I'm just looking for a secondary controller as a backup.

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    Renogy Rover series
    EPEver Tracer Series
    Renogy Commander series
    Victron Blue Solar MPPT series
    Midnite Solar - The Kid
    Morningstar ProStar MPPT series

    In rough order of increasing price and quality. After that, you are in the Outback class, Morningstar Tristar, etc.
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      I have used, like (sensij) has mentioned, the EPEver tracer series with absolutely no issues, NO destroyed batteries (unlike before on pwm) and a very relaible system. Hope that helps. Been running strong for years now.
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        Ive used the epever tracer bn series. Have not had a problem with it. The Morningstar line is bomb proof. Highly recommended. Ive used their sun saver pwm series for over a decade and their mppt products are just as good.