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Pool pump and solar panels!!

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    Originally posted by Logan005 View Post
    SunRayUS makes a nice looking unit, but initial cost is high, It could be very logical for remote or island locations. would be weather dependant. I think could be great for salt water pool when long slow daytime run is ideal. is not clear if the pump is constantly variable, but i suspect it is, so would start early slow and peak between noon and 1pm. I have a salt pool and it likes a long low speed run for maximum oxy saturation.

    What part of Long Island are you from? <solicitation deleted>

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      First of all, that's expensive. Really expensive.
      Depends on the size of your pool. Do you realize the amount it expenses to run your pump every day for six hours?
      Other than cost factor it comes with another loophole i.e. sunlight. They only run when the sun shines - which means 8-10 hours on normal days, less on a cloudy/rainy day.
      They are not a good choice if you're ever going to have night time pool parties, as for these you will probably want to run your pump at night.
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