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Connect Grid Tied Inverters Between Service Disconnect and Automatic Transfer Switch

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  • Connect Grid Tied Inverters Between Service Disconnect and Automatic Transfer Switch

    Hello, Planning to install two arrays of 21 Jinko 400 W Panels using 2 Solar Edge 7600 Grid Tied Inverters. My current one line diagram is as follows: Meter base to 200 Amp Service Disconnect to 200 Amp Automatic Transfer Switch (for 22kw standby generator) to my 200 Amp Main Distribution Panel. I'm planning to connect the two inverts in between the 200 Amp Service Disconnect and the Automatic Transfer Switch. Each inverter will be have its own 40 amp over current protection device. What is the best way to achieve this connection?
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    The best way is to follow the code and accomodate your future goals. I would start with the code and see if that is consistent with your goals. When I installed my GT system, my long term goals were to later install a hybrid inverter so I installed two sub panels, one to ultimately be my crital loads panel. All of that was consistent with the code.

    I have noticed with installations like this the use of wiring gutters gives a great deal of flexibility in terms of moving circuits around without a lot of new piping. As it turned out my hybrid inverter firmware upgrade accommodated AC coupling and it will be much easier to rewire my GT inverter to the critcal loads panel served by my hybrid inverter .Hope that helps.
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      I second the recommendation of going with wiring gutters. I have one in my basement where my inverters and main panel are located. It really cleans things up and makes re-configuring simple. I think the code changed and there are now. requirements that DC and AC be segregated in the gutter. I saw some reference to installing a internal separator in the gutter.