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Do I have enough mounts

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  • Do I have enough mounts

    Hi, I'm installing my rails xr-100 and Quickmount mounts on a difficult part of my roof. It's a valley that is slightly wider than the panels. I have 6 mounts for a 16.5 foot rail run. 3 mounts on each rail for a total of 6 mounts for 5 panels. Because the way the rafters run I had to put blocking in for 4 of 6 mounts. Ironridge docs say span can be as much as 8 feet in this zone. I have a max of 7 between mounts.

    Do you think this is enough or should I add 2 more? we don't get that much wind, maybe a storm a few times a year. Most I have even seen is 50 mph. No snow. In the attached pic its #2 I'm working on.
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    In my opinion, you shouldn't trust us on this. But Ironridge technical support is excellent. They answer the phone and know what they are talking about. Give them a call and get their advice. If you do what they recommend for your situation, then you have good advice from people with data, plus you get their warranty.
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      Do you have an AHJ or building codes imposed by a municipal authority to comply with ?

      If so, I'd check with them. Many/Most building codes in the U.S., and to my experience most of the rest of the civilized world follow ASCE-SEI 7-16 or some parts of it for design requirements with respect to external loadings including wind.

      Even if you have no jurisdictional requirements, that's a reasonable source to help get a fit for purpose design with respect to external loadings.


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        Thanks for the replies! I'll be giving Ironridge and the AHJ a call.


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          Is the blocking you added tied into the rafters in a secure fashion?
          If not, can it be?

          IMO I would build it so that someone inspecting it in 10 years when you sell the place is going to think "hmm - that looks like it won't ever be a problem"


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            Yeah the blocking is anchored between existing 2x4s below a sheet of OSB with 2 lag bolts on either side. The roof would come off before the blocking even moved I used 2x4 blocking on the first row. I'll use 4x4 on the others so its not so hard to make sure they are aligned with the hole.


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              FYI, in Oregon, we have to have attachments every 48 inches and in some cases 24 inches. I had the system designed at 6’ on center and was a little shocked at how many attachments I had to purchase.
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