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Well that was horrible. Noob needs help continued....

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  • Well that was horrible. Noob needs help continued....

    It was a few weeks/months ago you guys were helping me out and I finally got to the point of having more questions. That took way longer than I thought and I'm burned out!

    A few pictures so you can see where things stand.

    I had a horrible time inventing all the hardware to make that work out, since I did not use manufactured rails.

    I have all the panels up and they have already been tested with 30-40 mph wind. All was fine.

    I used pv cable all the way even under ground. I got it for cheaper than I could find the Aluminum and liked the simplicity of straight runs (rookie installer). I also ran it in conduit for the underground run. I did not run conduit above ground (between piers) as you can see from the pictures. Slack is in the wires for frost heaving.

    Quick background:
    I have 6 strings (10 panels on each string) (2 strings going to each Sunny Boy 6k inverter of which there are 3). The wires of the main run are now situated in the inverter ready for the electrician. I'm hoping to not touch that again. I have 2 positives and 2 negatives (1 set for each string) in each of the inverters for a total of 12 wires + a grounding wire.

    All the system specs are below. Prob not necessary to look at for my questions. i think they may be basic.
    (original post)

    I grounded the entire 60 panels together and ran them to a grounding pole out by the panels in the field. This is the only connection I have made and will be the only connection I will make (electrician will be doing the dangerous part) I also ran a 6awg ground wire along with the main run to the barn. You can see it flung around in the inverter picture.

    -- Breaker box/MSP is on the front corner while the inverters and meter are on the back corner of the barn.
    -- The main goal is to have a supply line tap done so I don't have to downgrade my 200 amp service.
    -- I would like to have as much possible completed so the electrician can do a hook up and go.
    -- there are no inspections - there is only one drunk electrician in a 50 mile radius. I'm in no mans land. Opposite of LA county.

    Question 1
    Do I attach the grounding wire i ran along with the main run to the grounding rod that the main service is run to next to the barn? The grounding rod cannot be seen but its right at the corner of the barn in the inverter picture next to the dog.

    Question 2
    I have 2 strings (4 wires coming into each inverter) supplying the DC. How many AC cables will come out of each inverter? I'm seeing in the manual a L1, L2 and N for the AC connect. Safe to assume 3 wires coming out of each inverter and heading to the AC disconnect (Midnight MNPV6 Disco AC Micro Combiner.)

    Question 3
    Should the ac lines coming into the AC disconnect/combiner be combined at this point and I run a single large wire to the breaker box (where the supply line tap will be done) or should I use it as a pass through and run separate smaller wires to the breaker box? Not sure what the electrician would want to see coming in for the supply line tap work which will hopefully be done in the same room as the breaker box.

    Once I have wire run from the inverters to my breaker box (msp) will the electrician be good to go? I don't need to run lines from my breaker box to my meter do I? I see that in all the pictures they run from the breaker box to the meter however that is done with the main line that is already there, correct?

    Thanks All.
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