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  • Combine multiple combiners

    We recently bought an off-grid home and had the solar system upgraded to 1800w with new inverter and additional battery capacity (48v). I've really enjoyed learning the system and working with the installer during our system upgrade and would like to install an additional set of panels that will be located in a different area from my current set and want to utilize the same charge controller for both arrays. What is the best way to connect the outputs of both combiners?

    System Specs
    Charge Controller - Schneider MPPT 60 150
    Array 1 combined output: 23.94 Imp / 75.2 Vmp
    Array 2 combined output: 17.38 Imp / 73.6 Vmp

    Would this be just a simple matter of adding an additional combiner box at the charge controller with large enough breakers/fuses to accommodate each output?

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    Yes. The Vmp is close enough that you should be able to put the two arrays in parallel, and combine them at the charge controller as you've suggested. Depending on how you handled overcurrent protection for each individual string, you may not need a fuse or breaker at the combiner, but a means for disconnecting one array from the other is nice to have.
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