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Please help improve my water pump

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  • Please help improve my water pump

    I don't know how to start a new topic on this website, so I'm so sorry for making a reply here that starts a new topic. Can anyone please help me?

    I have an 8W 240V water pump that needs to work 24/7. So far what I only have are 100W panel, solar charge controller, 50A 12V deep cycle battery, and inverter. What I have will only last me 3 days max. Is there a way to add/change some parts to make the pump fully function 24/7 without failure? (the less costly, the better)

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    You need both more battery and to recharge it, more panel.

    Our question is, How many cloudy days to you need this to run for ? Generally systems are designed for 2-4 days of clouds, and day 3, the generator is started so as to not overly deplete the battery. If you say 8 days, you will need a much much larger system.

    8 watt pump That would not need a very large inverter, a 50W inverter is about the smallest you can get. For things using a motor, you should use s pure sine wave inverter, it allows the pump to run cooler. High wattage inverters (over 300w) will self-consume more power internally, than your pump does. Replacing your inverter with a high efficiency pure sine wave, may be all you need to do.

    8 watts x 24 hours = 192 watt hours
    50ah battery @ 12V = 600 watt hours stored, 50% are usable. If you have already drained the battery to shutdown, several times, the battery has had it's lifetime shortened quite a bit, so start the budget for a replacement battery

    To get a solid 3 days, you need 1200 watt hours of battery, if you don't want to damage the battery on day 3.
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    || Midnight Classic 200 | 10, Evergreen 200w in a 160VOC array ||
    || VEC1093 12V Charger | Maha C401 aa/aaa Charger | SureSine | Sunsaver MPPT 15A



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      How can you prevent a battery from draining to shutdown? Some controllers have a function to prevent this?


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        Originally posted by MadnessGrid View Post
        How can you prevent a battery from draining to shutdown? Some controllers have a function to prevent this?
        Most charge controllers will turn off the battery at a voltage below 11V which is not good. There are other external Low Battery Relays that can be programed higher which will help extend the batteries life.