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small capacity 12v pump for 60m well

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  • small capacity 12v pump for 60m well

    The water level of my well with pvc pipe is only 6-12 meter. At the end of the pipe i put a footvalve and it works fine with this small 12v pump, ofcourse solar powered. Ok,not so many liters per minutes but i take that fro granted.

    my question is will it work also when the well is 60m deep. Using a footvalve the waterlevel is always on top. Will the footvalve also work when the well is that deep?
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    6 to 12 meters is a far cry from 60 meters. If your flow is minimal now, it will be nonexistent at 60 meters. you will likely need a more powerful pump. You could consider a 24 volt pump. are you running this pump straight from a solar panel or array? If running from battery, why did you chose 12v? 12 volt pumps are very limited.


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      Im running this pump with a chargecontroller and battery. This small pump is rated 80 psi.
      Because i use a footvalve there is always water on top of the wellpipe. Im asking above question cause a friend want to use the same pump as i have and his well is 60m.

      will the footvalve also open when the pipe is 60m deep assuming that there are no leaks/air.
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        again, this is very unlikely to work at 60 meters, No, the foot valve will be under more pressure than a 12 volt pump can displace.


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          Theoretically it is possible to create suction up to 10.3 meter = equal to -1 bar absolute vacuum
          Most of the time this is not possible
          More realistic is 6-7 meter very good pump 7-8 meter
          A water column of 10 meter gives a static pressure of 1 bar = equal to 14.7 PSI
          60 meter will give 6 times more
          No way the foot valve will open


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            for 60m you need to use a submersible pump. you cannot suck water that high, you get vaporlock or something like that.
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