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Diaphragm well pumps and delivery

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    Removing the pressure tank will not change the flow at all. It's only job is to give the system a cushion between when the pump turns on at say 30 psi and off at say 50 psi. The major reason it is there is so the pump doesn't have to turn on/off every time you use a small amount of water.

    Are you just dumping this well into a tank (cistern) and then pumping out of it again? If so just leave the tank/switch and you can install a timer with 30 min on / 30 min off (or whatever you choose). Put this timer before the pressure switch (if you put it after the clock won't work when the system is pressured up and shut off.

    You could remove the tank/switch IF you just dump into the tank without a float that shuts it off the water when it gets full. (the extra water runs over out onto the ground)

    If it has a float that shuts the water off when it gets full you HAVE TO leave the pressure tank/ switch.

    Another option instead of a switch that turns the pump power on/off is a sprinkler type timer & valve (battery powered like you can screw onto a hydrant or 110 volt like you use for underground sprinkler systems) that turns the water on/off going into the tank at say 30 min intervals. The advantage to this would be the rest of the system would remain pressurized and usable when the tank isn't filling. The disadvantage is it would be a little less efficient because every time the switch/valve turned off the pump would have to build some extra pressure to fill the pressure tank and shut the pressure switch off.

    A 1/2 hp submersible pump is as small as you are going to find in common 115/220 volt pumps. I would use the one you have.

    I have no experience in fracking wells or the geology where you are. (where are you?) You would have to talk to someone local to see how to get your well production better. If you can get by on what you have I'm sure it would be cheaper.
    Hope this helps and wasn't too confusing.



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      Diaphragm pumps are positive displacement pumps. Most are inline pumps but the ones for Wells are submersible. The neemo and shurflo 9300 are the only 2 i really know of. They have identical specs it seems. Both are advertised as being able to pump 240ft of head. I will likely put it at around160ft. The memo is supposed to use about 90w of dc and produce 1.3gpm at that head and is only 240$.
      I'm trying to find the most efficient way to get the large quantity of water i need. There has to be a better diaphragm pump.
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