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best gas stove for off grid

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    New Poster. I realize this thread is old but though I'd add my. 2 cents. I live in an area with less than dependable municipal power and extended storm related outages...months.

    The last post is also the most mis-informed. I have a Unique Signature LP 20" stove that relies on two 9Volt batteries for the piezo electric spark, including the oven, //Solar Fanatic//. The top burners light almost instantaneously while the oven not so much, but it is predictable. Turn knob to Stand-By, depress and initiate gas flow to pilot and spark. It usually takes two, ten second cycles to light the pilot, time for gas flow to reach the oven. After the pilot is lighted, turn the knob further to select temp. Option exists to return knob to Stand-By which will allow pilot to remain lighted with no oven burner. The pilot flame is tiny tiny, less than 1/10 the flame of a Bic lighter. Works well, no AC power required and the 9 volt batteries are long lasting. Well built with heavy cast iron grates above burners.