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How much for an off grid system ?

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  • How much for an off grid system ?

    I'm familiar with solar & wind. I did it in NE Arizona, but didn't have enough $$$ to do it right. That was years ago. Things have improved. I might try it again in Southern Colorado, but need to know roughly what it will cost me. Not too sure about panels made in the orient. My last electric bill said I used 12 kwh. Maybe that will help you answer this question. I forgot to say it would be a hybrid system using wind, solar and a gas driven battery charger. I'm a do it yourself kinda guy.
    Thank you ..... Alan
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    How long did it take you to use 12 kWh ?


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      Generally, if you don't have to tie your hat on when you go outside, you don't have enough wind to be really useful

      12kwh daily. Wow, that's pretty hefty ! Days when I pump water for 4 hours, I use 11-12kwh I started with a 3kw array, but unless weather was perfect, I seldom completed charging and had to fall back to generator. now with 5kw solar, I only use generator on 2nd cloudy day
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        Originally posted by J.P.M. View Post
        How long did it take you to use 12 kWh ?
        OMG .....That's a monthly quote not a daily one