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Costo Interstate Battery best price/performance of any Flooded Lead Acid Battery?

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    You beat me to it, I deleted that post to re-do it and add a couple of things: First was that I hope you stay and give the ignore feature a try, and second, the reason those kind of folks are tolerated here is because the info they provide significantly outweighs the abuse. I understand your frustration, I guess I've just learned over the years to not take posts like that personally.

    Edit: There's another reason one particular individual is tolerated, and it's because he is good at sifting through posts and picking out code violations and unsafe practices. I don't mind taking some flaming here if it means not burning down my house. That was pretty good, flaming, not burning my house down.
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      Originally posted by hammick View Post

      Thanks but that doesn't solve the problem. He infects most threads on this forum whether I ignore him or not. He drives away a lot of new members who are just looking for some helpful advice. This guy who many people have a problem with should receive a nice long ban IMHO. If he hasn't learned his lesson after that he should be removed permanently. That's what it would take for me to be a regular participant here. I'm guessing many others feel the same.
      Folks start out welcome or at least neutral here. Some are just plain ornery and dangerous in the incorrect information they seem to want to bloviate about and get banned, or just move on.

      Seems to me mods are more tolerant of misinformation than some others might think wise, but in such cases erring on the side of toleration and also allowing some frank reality from informed posters is, on balance, probably a better way to increase the flow of information provided the bad information is caught and corrected.

      Also seems to me that a lot of the time those corrected for bad, incorrect and/or unsafe statements confuse being called out for errors/misconceptions with verbal abuse. Many of us learn the difference in our teens.

      Some folks never do.

      All of us have things we don't like. None of us have our feet nailed to the floor so it's easy to move on if we don't like how the game is run. You seem done as much by writing, in a prior post, that you've given up on this forum. Apparently you've changed your mind ?


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        Originally posted by hammick View Post

        Thanks but that doesn't solve the problem.
        What problem? If you give ignorant, stupid, dangerous, or bad advice, you will get corrected. If you do not like it, leave.

        As for the Mods, well it is like this IMO. They know me, and what I am driving at. They know it is not personal. When I am absent, they email me personally asking what might be wrong, and they can use some help on some threads with giving bad or dangerous advice. I help a lot of people willing to learn and listen. Saved countless people a lot of money and frustration. People come here looking for me. I have no patience for ignorance or fools.

        Perhaps your skin is thin.
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          Hey Sunking,
          I've just retired a set of Costco GC batts after 5 years of service. It seems that for my system, I probably hit a calender failure before a cycle life failure. Looking into T105re, but at a projected life span of 8-10 years, current prices tell me I'd need 15 years to eek out any long-term cost advantage over the Interstate GC2. I've run two sets of the latter in an off-grid duplex simultaneously with identical systems with nearly identical outcomes in capacity and performance declines at 5 years. I replaced one set with another from Costco already and am getting around to the other.

          I realize that other systems will vary, but at my real-world DOD rate at 10%/ day with a few periods discharging at 30% DOD, the GC2 has been a value, I think. These were my first sets of batteries and we live on the system full time. Can anyone give me a concrete reason that, in my particular case, the T105re would be a better deal than the Interstate? The price difference after shipping is just under 3x more for the Trojan. Would you bet on 15 years for some carbon mystery oil and magic paste from Trojan? Based on Sunking's calendrical life expectancy, I'm not so sure. I know what I got from the cheaper batteries.