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Do PWM really last much longer than MPPT?

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    Originally posted by Sunking View Post

    I am not worried about the Tariffs. Chi-Com monetary system and economics are extremely weak and cannot last long. USA USD and economy is extremely strong and will win that battle easily. Chump knows what he is doing and the USA has a lot of leverage to bring Chi-Coms and any other country to the negotiating tables to level the playing field on trade. They need us a lot more than we need them.

    US voted for Chief Disrupter, not a Saint or Angel to shake things up and bring about change real darn quick. You just gotta see through and get past the Rhetoric. Emigration is another great example, and now both houses are finally going to do something about policy after 26 years of doing nothing.
    No one wins in a trade war except bureaucracies and their stooges. Tariffs are contrary to free market capitalism. As for the president, Trump may be the Distuptor-in-Chief, but IMO only, he's also the Liar-in-Chief and may well be killing the country I love. Besides, He ain't got no class.

    And since this is supposed to be an apolitical place, with my apologies to the membership, that's all I'll say about it. Just had to get that off my chest.