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    Hi All,

    Many people come to Solar Panel Talk to ask about "solar kits" as they are readily available these days. The most common mistake we see is people go out and buy a solar kit without understanding what their power requirements are and then they come here asking why the kit didn't work. Mostly they end up being undersized or just plain unsuitable to the task. So as with any solar system the first thing to understand is, ...whats my daily load and for how many days (I am talking small off-grid stuff here) do I need to run it with out recharging the battery properly via either AC charger (grid) or RE (solar/wind) or generator.(gas/propane/diesel). Click this link to see a post about sizing your system.

    Once you understand the load and function of the proposed solar system you can indeed look to the design phase. Now you need to ask yourself do I really want a kit that will do a certain job or do I want to get all the bits i need to for-fill my requirements. There are several solar distributors who will work with you to determine your loads and requirements and will sell you all the bits you need. You can find many solar distributors here at our site sponsors.

    Solar Panel Talk has thousands of posts from people who have gone through the process of assessing their requirements to going out and using their new system, search around and read up,then come and ask some questions or share your experiences cheers,