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    Hmm i think if it goes alright i should have around 300W @24v
    The frame size is 40 1/4" x 77". for 72- 6"x6" solar cells.12 rows of 6
    i'm using 1/4 Tempered Glass
    SYLGARD 184
    6x6 solar cells .6v/ 8+a/ 17% eff.

    I have been searching for the best diodes to use and how to wire the panel i think i figured it out, but just want a little Sign that its the best decision. i figured i would put one after every 2 strings of 6.

    I just bought these diodes but i'm not sure,10pcs 8 AMP 45 VOLT Schottky BLOCKING DIODES Wind/Solar, i think i need to use ones that rate at a higher amp from what i have read.i know i can put in different ones even after i encapsulate but would rather do it right the first time.
    Now in another thread i have seen this layout i figure the little black arrows with the line over them are where the diodes go. and are blocking diodes what i want for hotspot protection.? I have adjusted the Img to represent My Panel. Full Pannel Wiring.jpg to my count there is like 11 Internal Diodes will this take away 11 volts, but in return give me burn protection? also can u got 12 in a string and get burn protection? so many questions?

    i also had a question on the encapsulation part, i'm not sure if i will need 1 or 2 mixes to do this panel?

    I have spent about $500 so far but if i don't have to use the 2nd silgar than it only cost $450 or so. kinda nice for this size unit. and i have been reconsidering putting a backing to the pannel like 1m
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