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Trying to buy 30 solar panels in Europe ?

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  • Trying to buy 30 solar panels in Europe ?

    Dear fora.
    I have been trying for two months to buy 20-30 solar panels in Europe. I have an idea that polychrystalline solarcells may give slightly more in low diffuse light (200w/m2) when comparing lots of datasheets and searching through YouTube. Strangely there is not much information available of performance in low light winterdays when electricity is much needed, only nice summer days when electricity is cheap and not required but probably this is a theoretical question so I'm leaving that aside.

    Anyhow, I have been emailing lots of companies around Europe trying to get an estimate of purchase and shipping of a pallet of solarpanels, 20-30 panels. According to their websites the panels are available in stock and I just need a quote for the shipping so I can order but only two companies replied they received my request but none of them could answer cost of shipping or when they want to supply. What am I doing wrong ? Do anyone know of a good company in Europe that may sell me 20-30 polychrystalline, 60 cell solar panels ? I have been in contact with GWL and waltak solar but none of them wants to give any price for shipping or other info.

    Is it difficult shipping solarpanels inside Europe ? I have no problem waiting, I can pay now and wait to after corona outbreak for shipping. I'm confused why no companies are responding, I'm only receiving strange answers that makes no sense.

    If anyone knows a company in China that may sell only 20-30 panels that is now also an option as I can't find supplier in Europe.

    I'm looking for cirka 1.6 x 1 meter (60cell ?) polychrystalline 260-300 watt solarcells. I will mount them to south wall on house for optimizing to winter sun and keep clear of snow and frost, hence the dimensions, rest is misc.

    When reading my above post I get the impression there is something I don't understand, this should be an easy business selling me a bunch of panels ? Please explain what I don't understand cause I'm feeling really stupid. I haven't even come to any price discussion with anyone but I don't think there is much to negotiate in current competition as it's easy comparing suppliers and they are all about same level.

    Any tips highly appreciated.

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    Hi Perma, contact a local solar installer in your area they may be able to sell you some of their stock, there are concerns at the moment that no panels are coming out of China and we might run out of stock in the next few months, cheers


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      Originally posted by Pema View Post
      When reading my above post I get the impression there is something I don't understand, this should be an easy business selling me a bunch of panels ?
      My guess would be covid-19 is impacting the distributors..

      But it's possible your email was lost in their spam folder.
      Or didn't look like a serious buyer.

      I'd probably look first for a distributor in your home country.
      And I don't know what it's like in EU, but here in US there are some companies that just don't want to deal with retail - so you have to be a "business" to purchase from them. Maybe it's that they want to see a business license - or maybe it's that they want you to register with them first and then they approve you. The one's I've dealt with will still sell to a sole proprietorship, so I don't think they're really avoiding retail. But maybe they're making it so their sales staff are spending less time with non-buyers or low-volume customers and therefore getting better profit margins. In any case, you may want to see if there's any distributors like that in the area, as they may have better pricing than others.

      And in your email / phone call with the distributor, I'd introduce myself as "John Smith with Smith Solar" - using your real name, but giving the impression that you might be buying more from them sometime in the future.. And be very concrete in what I'm looking to buy. "I am looking to buy 25 of 60-cell 280W panels. I think you have brand N model Q that would work for me. I need to know what the price is for them shipped to my location at X Y Z"