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CertainTeed panels, Pedersen Dean and SunRun

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  • CertainTeed panels, Pedersen Dean and SunRun

    I'm considering a new solar system and have several quotes. Here's the details:

    CertainTeed solar panels (not the shingles but panels) through a local contractor.
    $17,039 ($3.10/watt DC)
    5.49 kW DC

    Pedersen Dean
    6.600 kW

    Sun Run
    5.22 kW

    Does anyone have information on CertainTeed panels? I can't seem to any information on them. CertainTeed and Pedersen Dean both offer 25 year warranties including the inverters. I've heard SunRun is a "bottom feeder". What's been your experience with these companies? How does one ultimately choose a company? I'll be paying cash and will get the tax credit. I'd like to be free to use the A/C during our hot California summers.

    Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks.

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    Since you're in thought appreciation mode:

    I'm the usual user of the bottom feeder moniker for those solar vendors consider substandard, so I guess I'll take that one.

    I'm the guy in my HOA who reviews the solar applications that all need review/approval by the Arch. Rev. Comm. prior to installation. I also monitor those installations until completion for conformance to HOA requirements. I've been at it for ~ 10 yrs. Over that time, there have been about 140 or so installations from ~ 18 or so vendors. Sunrun has had 8 installations.

    Their last install here was sold Dec., 2015 making my information perhaps a bit dated. Perhaps they've had an epiphany and/or a resurrection since then.

    That company is, IMO and to my experience only, less than professional, employs people who do not have an adequate knowledge of PV, how it works, their product, or how to install it. Their usual installation practices are, to me at least for the most part not well thought out and poorly executed, and they're sloppy. Seems to me, and more opinion only, they do not conduct business communications in a professional manner in that they are, for the most part and usually unresponsive to my requests for information unless I'm persistent about it.

    As for their prices, they are on the higher end.

    Buying on low initial price is always a fool's method, but if you're in So. CA, you ought to be able to find an established vendor/contractor peddling a quality product for about $3.00/STC watt +/- some. Note that Sunrun is at ~ $3.73/ STC W.

    Protect yourself from your own solar ignorance. Do your homework before you go further and spend any money. Buy and read "Solar Power Your Home for Dummies". 20 bucks or so at bookstores/Amazon.
    Overall, I consider Sunrun in the same league as SolarCity and Vivant. Based on what I think I know and what I've seen, I'd not let any of those vendors set foot on my property for any reason.