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How bad is SunPower customer service?

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    Sunpower support might not be the greatest but one thing about them is they still stand behind there system. i know a couple of other people who have had problems with there system and if it any other manufaturer they will first tell you to talk to the installer ad blame them for incorrect installation or not even respond to the end user/system owner. As for sunpower if you just keep talking with them and keep track of your system they will take care of the problem.


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      Originally posted by zafris View Post

      I agree, chat seems to be limited, but, and it's my experience, SunPower customer service are very professionals and resolve my problem quickly.
      I've had little luck with either method. Bunch of 20 something unaware dorks that use english as a second language with little knowledge of what they're talking about. About as useful as legs on a snake.


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        SunPower is known for their best panels, I came across this blog post that was informative to make the decision to go with sunpower panels:

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