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Cheaper Solar Panel System For Home

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  • Cheaper Solar Panel System For Home

    Hi, I want to install solar panel system at my home. Can you suggest me the cheaper solar panel system with great benefits for power uses?

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    do you really want cheap?


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      Usually "cheap" gets you low quality equipment. I would suggest you get some quotes and then compare the equipment to the cost in $/watt.


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        In general, you get what you pay for (or, if done in a dumb way, less). You want nice, you pay nice. You want to pay twice - but cheap and pay to do over. Think long term, most bang for the buck, not low first cost. That's the fool's way.

        Also remember, the usual or usually highest priority is to reduce an electric bill - not solar for its own sake.

        Also, know this: Solar PV is usually the most expensive way to reduce an electric bill and therefore the last measure done, if at all, to reduce an electric bill - at least if the plan is to reduce that bill in the most cost effective way.

        Many/maybe most folks do it precisely backwards and throw relatively expensive and often poorly designed (cheaply made/installed and usually oversized) PV at a self inflicted high electric bill, and maybe then do the feel good, but less effective, somewhat cosmetic stuff like replacing light bulbs instead of simply turning stuff off which should have been first on the list of actions for bill reduction because it's the cheapest and easiest.

        Do your homework and educate yourself - look before you leap, then look some more. Solar is trendy and a lot of people will use that and your ignorance to separate you from your money.

        Your money/life/choices, just walk in with your eyes and your mind open and informed. Solar will still be there and probably cheaper when you're more informed and able to make better choices.

        Take what you want of the above. Scrap the rest.


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          ada-aluminum commented
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          totally agree.
          i work in raw material field (aluminum profile, the best and widely used material on solar panel frame ). if we want to enjoy good quality product, we should pay for it. because, cheap products would cost us much more.....some cheap product would drive us crazy....

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        Got me thinking - back when panels I paid for were $10 or more per watt, there was a lot less "winging it." Ah, the good days.