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  • Ten K solar panels

    Anyone here have any experience with Ten K 500 watt panels? I bought a couple of them when they were going out of business. the manual states to use micro inverters and not to series wire them. I've asked here and been told to just wire them normally to my Charge controller and i would be fine. the panels flash red and don't produce any power. if I add a 100 W working panel to the system the Ten K panels start blinking green and my mt 50 shows that I'm getting about 300-500 watts. as soon as unplug the 100 watt panel I'm back to Zero output. Do I need to use micro inverters? I just don't understand why they won't stand alone? Thanks, Bob

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    My understanding is that TenK panels have built-in electronics. If right, they are not the same as most mainstream panels and that would explain why they don't play well with string inverters.

    "500W Monocrystalline Module, with built in MPPT"

    "...with integrated electronics..."
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      Thanks for the reply. I've been trying to follow what i was told the 1st time i asked and have gotten nowhere. so do you think it would be worth it to put the micro inverters on these? I hate to throw away 1000 Watts. or should i just go conventional?? Thanks, Bob


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        Seems that you have three choices with these panels:
        1) Try them with microinverters,
        2) Try to disassemble them and pull out the wires from the cells themselves for use with the inverter you have, or
        3) Try to locate TenK inverters made for these panels.

        If it were me, I'd try to find a friend or dealer with an Enphase IQ 7 or IQ 7+ microinverter that you can try before buying.

        If you're in the SF bay area, perhaps Renvu could let you try one if you bring in the panel. If you're in Massachusetts, perhaps AltE could let you try one. Those are the only two dealers that I know that might be able to help, but there must be others. Even with those two dealers, I'm not sure that they are willing to let you try.

        Enphase micros are for sale through Amazon, but none show free returns, so if you buy one and it doesn't work for you, you might try reselling it here or on Craig's list.

        If you post your location, perhaps someone here is near you and willing to let you try a panel on their inverter.

        I wish that I had real TenK experience to share.
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          Thank you for doing some research. that's kind of the conclusion i came up with. my understanding is that the IQ7 needs to be grid tied to operate? I wonder if i could trick the micro inverter by wiring it to the ac side of my big inverter thus having 120V to that side like being on grid? I'm totally off grid and have been told that the IQ 8 may work but they are pretty spendy. to trial.
          I'm located in south central Minnesota. TenK was out of Minneapolis Mn. I think that the panels are pretty good. my understanding is that the micro inverters that they were using weren't a good match for the panels and had alot of failures and went out of business.
          Thanks for the help! Bob


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            There has been a lot of discussion here about trouble trying to use the IQ 7 off grid. I haven't heard of anyone being successful. Perhaps someone else here has some ideas for an off-grid inverter that would work for these panels.
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