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Have you become a power meter addict???

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  • Have you become a power meter addict???

    Since having my solar power on line,only a little over 2 wks., I find myself trying to keep that power meter down below the first day reading of 136.
    A continuous game of give and take especially when you have several days of heavy overcast days and you have to run washer and dryer!

    Supposed to have sunny skies for rest of week and hopefully run that grid power consumption back down before next meter reading/billing period.
    Will be interesting to see how this works out during the winter months to come....those February strings of cold overcast days!

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    To your question: Among other stuff, I read and record what my POCO meter pukes out every morning before breakfast, but I've been doing that most every day with every home I've lived in since ~ 1975.

    It's now more of a habit than an addiction.

    Keep it up and you usage (total usage, not just what you get from the POCO) what will go down.
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