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Solytic takes over Suntrol Portal from SolarWorld

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  • Solytic takes over Suntrol Portal from SolarWorld

    Good news for all Suntrol users! We (Solytic) will take over the portal from insolvent SolarWorld Industries GmbH on March 8th.

    Most importantly: [B]Suntrol will continue to stay online and free of charge.[/B]

    Here will want to give you updates on regular basis and answer all your questions about the take over.

    Please understand that we can not always answer immediately. By taking over the Suntrol Portal we also take over thousands of installations and customer relationships and our first priority is to ensure a functioning operation a the portal. But we will do our best to always answer as soon as we can.

    Here we collected some questions that might interest you:

    [B]What will change for me as customer?[/B]
    [I]Suntrol will continue to stay online and free of charge. After the hand over on March 8th 2019 Solytic will work on the stabilization of the portal to ensure data quality and step-by-step improvements to the portal.[/I]

    [B]Anything I should mind as a customer?[/B]
    [I]If you want to continue using Suntrol Portal free of charge, you need to give us your consent the next time you log in.[/I]

    [B]What advantages does the take over have?[/B]
    [I]Because of the insolvency proceedings of SolarWorld Industries GmbH, users experienced some troubles with the portal in the past. Starting March 8th 2019 Solytic will actively maintain and further develop the portal.[/I]

    [B]Will Suntrol be integrated into Solytic? [/B]
    [I]Suntrol will continue as a free residential solar monitoring solution. Customers that want a professional solution can transfer their assets into Solytic's advanced monitoring portal.[/I]

    [B]What will happen in the coming months?[/B]
    [I]After a detailed due diligence and the stabilization of the portal, customers will be able to access the production data of their installation as usual.[/I]

    [B]Why is Solytic taking over the Suntrol Portal?[/B]
    [I]Solytic started a project with SolarWorld over a year ago. The target was to bring the portal up to a modern standard and develop new features for its users. The insolvency of SolarWorld Industries stopped this project, but now Solytic is able to fulfill the initial plan.[/I]

    [B]Who can I contact if I have any questions?[/B]
    [I]With the Suntrol Portal, Solytic takes over several thousand assets and customer relationships. The portal is to remain free of charge in the future, so the focus of the Solytic team will initially be on ensuring the operation of the portal. The Solytic team makes every effort to ensure that the work is carried out as quickly as possible and asks for your understanding if individual enquiries have to be answered one after the other incl. potential delays.[/I]

    Your Solytic team

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    The suntrol portal shows generation data for my system up to 26th September 2018, but nothing after that data. I have checked the internet connection and it appears to be working. Is this a problem at my end that needs to be fixed, or is the problem with the data logging servers at your end? The system status is permanently "No data received" . A nearby UK system appears to have up to date data and this makes me think the problem could be at my end.

    I really would like to to get back the missing data, is there any any other way to access it directly from the inverter?