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I'm going solar! I would love your help in getting started.

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  • I'm going solar! I would love your help in getting started.

    Hello, everyone! After pondering on how I can make the world a better place, I've decided to go solar & join the renewable energy movement.

    I'm 16, & plan to get a small system to charge my laptop & maybe a few other less-wattage loads. However, I know very little about solar systems, but would love to know more. I'm hoping the people here can help me.

    I saw this video that inspired me to look further into building a similar solar generator.

    I don't know how much energy my computer uses. It's a Lenovo Legion Y520. From what I've read, I would guess an 80 watt panel would be a good choice if I had to wing it, but I'm not 100% sure. I'd also like to use a graphics tablet connected to my computer, charge my mp3 player & maybe use a small light. That's about it, though.

    Will I have to install it on the roof? I will if I must, but could I put the panel somewhere in my backyard? I dunno, I'm new to this. Also If I move into a small studio apartment, will I be able to bring my micro solar system there & use it?

    As for the budget I'd say $240 USD is my maximum, but if I can go cheaper & get something decent I'd be glad to. I work, so I do have some money saved up.

    Should I get a kit or do it myself? How much wattage would you recommend? What kind of battery would you recommend, if any? Would you recommend anything else? I would love to hear any knowledge you would bestow upon this noob.

    Thank you so much! Have a beautiful day, everyone.

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    You could get a camping solar system, that has a stand, and is easily set up in your backyard. You don't say if your wanting to permanently wire it to your house or not. You need to find out what are the average daily solar sun hours for your address. Then work out how much wattage your appliances will draw. You need to know how long you are going to be using your appliances...Will they need recharging 4 times a day because of use, or every 4th day.