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    Originally posted by citabria View Post
    The included charger appears to have battery clamps for 12 volt car battery, hence my request for a wall charger.
    Duh my bad. What you are going to find is Hobby Chargers require a DC power supply. I hesitate to answer because if I tell you what it takes for that charger will not support much else if you decide later to get into the hobby further. The charger supplied is pretty much a uni-tasker and only charge small 3S batteries. A regular hobby charger can charge up to 10S like the one I have and can charge any battery type with any algorithm your heart desires with 1300 watts of power.

    So here is what I will tell you. Go back to Hobby King or search around for 12 volt DC power Supplies and buy the largest one you can afford. You will need at least 3 amps to start out with but keep in mind that is only 40 watts of power and would not be of any use if you decide later to take the hobby up. At the field you might want the ability to recharge batteries in 20 minutes or at the C4 charge rate, and the charge you wil bet will take an hour to recharge. So give it some thought.

    Originally posted by citabria View Post
    Watt Flyer registration appeared to be offline earlier, the recaptcha thing was dead....still is dead.
    I am setup for some electronic work, and I could do the EC3, I'll look into it.
    OK there is a much larger RCGroups Forum by Hobby King. Give that a try but be prepared to get bombarded with replies. Watt Flyer is dedicated to electric. RCG is any fuel and any model type from planes to boats. A lot of Manufacture reps hang out on RCG and answer questions.

    Edit Note.

    If you can afford it there are hobby chargers with built in DC power supply. Example from HK is this Link. Be sure to read descriptions for anything extra that might be needed. Or just Google RC HOBBY CHARGERS AC/DC
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      I use one of the low end Revolectrix RC battery charger called the Cellpro Multi4 for my batteries. There are better chargers that they sell and Sunking has given you some good info.

      I am also a member of the RCGroups forum and you can learn a lot from other members there.


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        Thanks for all the info...


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          I always loved the 3d stuff. I'm a warbirds fan myself. Love the scale stuff. I started years ago with the electric foam models and have progressively moved to bigger planes. I fly 80 inch gas models now and love them. My dad has been flying since the 70's and does giant scale. He has quite a few planes he competes with in scale competition. He is just finishing up a 17 foot albatross with twin 100cc engines for the lake. I need to figure out how to post pictures here.