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inverter fans not working

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  • inverter fans not working

    I have a Reliable brand 24v 3000watt 120vac pure sinewave inverter and I realize that the fans are not coming on.
    It comes with (2) 24v fans and I test them recently and they are working perfectly but the inverter circuit somehow is not triggering them when it gets hot or reach a certain temperature. I have seen the inverter gets so hot that it automatically cuts off the output to prevent damage from occurring. I read on the net that the inverter fans comes in at 45 degree celcius but I passed that rating lots of time and yet no fan comes on.

    In the meantime I have connect the fans straight so that when the inverter turns on they come on same time but they are so loud and I don't wish to have this as a permanent setup. I am hoping someone can tell me what I can do to repair the issue so that the circuit will trigger the fans at the appropriate temperature range or is there some other alternative means of getting the fans to come on at a certain temp range using the internal/default heat sensing ntc resistor? or even a different ntc resistor?