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Unexpected Solar Production

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  • Unexpected Solar Production

    I have Enphase microinverters on our solar system. Enphase monitors the solar output and I can view the production using their online product called MyEnlighten.

    ecently I noticed that there is production long before sunrise. There are no sources of illumination (other than the sun) and this has often occurred on days when there is no moon. It has occurred 3 of the 14 days so far this month. The attached example had the highest output of the three and shows production from 3:45am- 6:00am on Nov 13. On that day the sunrise was at 6:17am. The half moon rose at 2:40am but it was overcast.

    Has anyone else seen this phenomenon? Does anyone have an explanation

    Solar Production.jpg
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    Do you or your installer have panel level data (Enlighten Manager)? It is probably a reporting error, but it would be interesting to see how many of the panels are contributing to the production being reported. It is a $249 upgrade from MyEnlighten to Enlighten Manager.
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      There is no production from installed equipment from energy sources other than the sun. You have equipment malfunctions.