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Interesting article about Teslas New York Factory

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    Originally posted by SunEagle View Post

    Sorry. I was trying to be sarcastic in my response. I remember the movie about Tucker but never saw it. I
    guess I missed the part about him of preselling items and a customer waiting list.

    I guess that is typical of a start up company that does not have enough capital to build a big inventory first.
    The movie really doesn't tell the entire story. He deigned a crosswise low rpm engine to mount
    between the rear wheels, with a torque converter on each side to drive them. It used a different
    cylinder valve activator. Of course it had no reverse. That was a failure, so he converted an
    aircraft engine to liquid cooling and used a rebuilt trans from FWD Cords. And yes, being a con
    man did him in. Bruce Roe