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Enphase microinverters not reporting

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  • Enphase microinverters not reporting

    This morning I got an Enphase email telling me 6 of my 20 inverters are not reporting-some in both strings. Later I checked and was told 10 not reporting, now it's up to 19 of 20 not reporting. My enlighten page is hours late in updating and showing .25 KWH produced on this clear day when the solar production meter shows it's making 25+. No changes in Envoy wiring or anything new in that or other circuits. Envoy showing good internet connection, but poor output. I've unplugged chargers, no CFL's on, nothing new electrical. Any ideas? Anyone else having problems? Thanks, Doug

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    too bad enphase won't tell you WHY the inverters are off line, error codes would help
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      Interesting data. It looks like the normal "production curve" stopped on May 9th and now you are getting a plateau type curve starting at a very early hour.

      Sort of like the micros are not providing real time data but seem to be holding it back and then dumping an average production data point that does not change much all day.

      I would say those micros are acting funny and may need a reboot or factory setting to get then working properly again.


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        Best guess - you have the classic communication issue from the Envoy to the microinverters. The Envoy is not able to communicate with the microinverters reliably and is hold back reporting data and can in cases of incorrect grid profiles being loaded cause the microinverter to shut down.

        This is due to a combination of distance from Envoy to microinverters, noise on the electrical system especially switching power supplies from cell phone chargers and other electronics. Enphase has some white papers that help (sort of ) with this.

        Not easy to fix, try moving the Envoy to a location closer to the solar or service panel and make sure the envoy is not pulled into any sort of surge protector. This can be an aggravating process to find the best spot for the Envoy. If your service panel has GFCI breakers some manufactures models act as a filter on the power line communication to the microinverters (Square D's do not).

        Using the Enphase Installers Toolkit (free app for your phone) you can look at the actual error codes from every inverter (as known by the Envoy unit) and see if there is something more going on.


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          I found this and installed the Enphase Installers Toolkit. I get an error logging in, saying that I don't have permission.
          "Authorization Error Your Enlighten permissions do not allow you to access or update this level of system data"

          How do I not have permission to access the system that I bought and paid for??? Is there a work-around for this? I contacted my installer a year ago and they sent me the link to Enphase troubleshooting, so I don't expect much help this time contacting.


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            Hi Sd, I have not had to go though this since I was owner installer, but first try and contact your installer and ask them to adjust the permissions on your Enlighten account. If they are unresponsive then you will have to contact Enphase tech support and work with them to modify your permissions.