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    Originally posted by solar pete View Post
    I say it all depends on what people are paying for their electricity in Utah. Dont worry about the doom and gloom people, if people in Utah are paying over 20 cents per kWh you will be able to sell solar till the cows come home. If power is cheap in Utah you are probably going to struggle. People love solar, but its all about ROI, if its around 5 or 6 years your on a winner if its over 10 years your stuffed, cheers and if the ROI is there first thing would be to get qualified as a solar designer.
    Pete he pays less than 1/2 of that for all he wants.
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      Originally posted by CryptoTenny View Post

      That is a fair point.I know I personally pay far less than .20 [Edit. Utah average is 9.93 cents]. I was really going to dig into that when I got around to doing financial projections. I was really hoping to do just that; have the best ROI. However I can do it. If it means getting my own stringer/tabber, laminator, blah blah blah then so be it.
      You cannot compete with commercial manufactures. Most are going bankrupt because there is no demand in the USA. China bankrupted them. There are only a few US manufactures left and are on death watch for bankruptcy. Check out SunPower. In 2007 during the peak were worth $133/share. Today less than $7/share and owe more than they are worth with no way to ever make a profit.

      Take this FWIW from 40 plus years of investing and running a biz. You invest or go into a biz when it is growing and no end in sight for at least 5 to 10 years. 15 years ago solar was just starting and at 1 time there were over dozen panel manufactures. All but 2 that I know of are gone, and both on life support. Subsidies are drying up, and utilities are pushing back exposing they have to jack electric rates to cover the losses with the blessing of the goberment who was thrown out of office. The installation companies are now drying up and most owners are now retired on a beach somewhere.

      Do your homework. Electricians make good money. Installers designers with a limited solar pv license go hungry because they are not allowed to do electrical work that a Electrician can do. They do not have anything to fall back on.
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