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What Size Wire Do I Need

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  • What Size Wire Do I Need

    Another sticky topic. Wire size comes up almost daily here, and the answers are all over the place. So when those questions come in, send them here for the answer. The Table is extremely easy to use. All wire sizes are based on the FUSE or CIRCUIT BREAKER SIZE aka Over Current Protection Devices (OCPD) A OCPD device serves one purpose only and only one purpose, to protect the wire it is connected to and nothing else. It does not protect you from electrocution, nor does it protect the equipment directly.

    The Table is simple to use. Ignore the 10% Voltage Drop, use 3%. Find your OCPD across the Top Row, and them find the Distance below on the Colomb. It is that easy. No calculators, errors, or question. Just safe, useable, and KISS. (Keep It Simple Stupid)

    [U][I][B]HERE IT IS.[/B][/I][/U]

    If you look close at the LINK, you can even find the fuses for your project.

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