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Hybrid car battery balancer/charger 144 volt battery

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  • Hybrid car battery balancer/charger 144 volt battery

    Okay my project is to top of my 1st Gen Honda Insight battery.

    The battery deteriorates because the charging system stops charging at around 80% capacity.

    People have built grid chargers to top up the batteries.

    I want to top up using solar power.

    To top-up, one of the people at the sight said, that the solar panel needs 175 volt output.

    Slow rate of charge around 80mA will be fine.

    What are my options?

    I'm thinking 4 each 12v panels with a dc-dc strip up converter.

    Any suggestions on parts will help.

    Thank You,
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    I dont know the battery capacity but to charge it up at 80ma to me seems like you wouldnot even keep up with self discharge???//


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      It's not to charge it up from zero. It's to charge it when the state of charge indicator is at full. The hybrid generator stops charging when the indicator is full. But in actuality the battery is at around 80%. It just has to charge it past that. I ideally it would be around 240mA to charge the battery from 80% to 100% in 2 days of sunlight. But I think a panel that can do that, will cover up my whole back window.


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        Jerry welcome to the forum.

        I am an avid EV fanatic OK. FWIW to prolong your EV battery you do not want to go much above 80% on a LFP battery, and going solar to do it is a poor choice as you only have a couple of hours of a window to do it. Look into a BMS using a regular plug in.

        FWIW ask your question at this site as it has a lot of engineers and developers dedicated to EV's

        Good Luck

        MSEE, PE


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          Thanks for the info.

          This is used when the battery pack is actually on it's last leg.

          The cells gets unbalanced, a slow trickle charge will keep it going.

          Thanks for the website.


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            Jerry a BMS is the only option to balance cells. Your EV should have it built in. Not something you have to add.
            MSEE, PE


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              It's not a full electric. It's a hybrid. It has a battery charge module (BCM). I think it doesn't balance the battery.

              I'll find a link that explains the unbalanced cells, and the justification to trickle charge it.


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                What cell chemistry? LFP?
                MSEE, PE


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                  Okay i found the link:


                  He did some research regarding the battery pack. At the bottom he actually builds a solar panel. 3 Panels each 180V@85mA. I don't want to build my own panels though.