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Solar Panel Mass Production Possibilities

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    Originally posted by Jasun View Post
    ... presently [u]already sold out for the next 12 months[/u]. We are working hard to scale our production capacity as fast as possible.


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      10-23-2008: The Next Generation of Solar Panels?
      10-23-2008: [b]The Next Generation of Solar Panels?[/b]
      Originally posted by J.SUN View Post
      The scarce resource of silicon is the main semiconductor for most monocrystalline, polycrystalline, and thin film solar panels. It's the second most abundant element on this planet, but of course it can't be used forever.
      An innovative company by the name of Nanosolar has looked far ahead into the future and is currently producing solar panels that are printed on a thin film with a special ink. Nanosolar raised over $300 million dollars, which is the largest amount for any solar start up. Some of the investors are company giants such as Google and IBM. The U.S. Department of Energy selects Nanosolar among a stiffly competitive field of applicants and awards $20 million to the company, the largest amount any company receives in the United States.
      This technology is said to have 14.5% efficiency and is the lowest price for solar panels ever developed. .....
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