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High PPW for a turn key system in NYC area

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  • High PPW for a turn key system in NYC area

    I am looking to get a 5.5 - 6 kW system for a home in the NYC area. Every quote I've received appears to have a significantly higher PPW amount when compared to the various guides around the internet and Solar Estimate's Calculator. Am I just unlucky and calling all the expensive installers in my area? Below are some examples of quotes (pre incentive) I've received.

    $4.53 PPW 18 x Q Cells Duo 365
    $4.50 PPW 16 x REC Alpha 395
    $4.50 PPW 11 x Sunpower 425

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    That sounds about right. There are two big factors that will make it more per watt compared to the national average. Especially when compared to Solar Quotes. They always seem to be low, or use a different way of deciding what the average might be.
    First, this is a relatively small system.
    Two, it’s in a city and NYC is one of the best in the nation in having more red tape.
    There is also a possible third factor. All this is without knowing the other site specific factors such as flat roof, site accessibility, condition of existing electrical system etc.
    Thank you for asking. Wish you well on your project


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      Here in Massachusetts I am waiting for my newly installed system to be activated. My installation cost was $3.04/W consisting of 28 400W Canadian & IQ8A inverters. My guess cost is a direct function of location, location……